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The Beer Bath

Photo Beer Baths & Spa Zone is a unique space designed for your rest and relaxation. Unique treatments energizing, rejuvenating beauty and strengthen not only your body but also spirit. Here, the soothing sounds of music, you have the unique opportunity to regenerate the whole body and regain vitality. The intimate space, atmospheric decor also provide a feeling of well-being and tranquility.
Procedures beer spa is a combination of actions cedar saunas, baths and beer tasting unpasteurized beer. The stay is recommended especially in states of nervous tension, stress and mental fatigue. It improves blood circulation and metabolism, removes toxins and strengthens immunity.

Therapeutic and pleasurable effects of therapy, the beer we offer to enrich the beauty rituals of nursing at the newly opened Spa Zone. We offer a wide range of massages, scrubs, relaxation treatments for body and face. Qualified personnel, original, professional cosmetics provide you real relaxation.


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We invite you on a journey to the land of relaxation and vitality!


Beer Bath Area:

  • Sauna with Canadian red cedar wood   more>>
  • Bathing in the dried beer tasting beer   more>>
  • Procedure: "The standard beer bath"  more>>


The Head of the Bath recommends:

  • Gentle peeling rice whole body to the skin especially sensitive (15 min.)
  • The ritual of body and senses. Energizing massage candle and ice (70 min.)
  • Gold Rejuvenating treatment for face, neck and shoulders (60 min.)
  • Treatment for Women "Excellent mouth" (15 min.)